Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break: Rain Jackets and Bread Machine

Oregon and spring break... it's effing wet and cold. There's no shortage of waterfowl though, so the jackets go on and the birders get mostly (but not totally) soaked.

Yesterday at Winchester Bay was sick. The wind was brutal and i woke up with sand oozing from my eyes, but it was worth it for the five Red-Breasted Mergansers we spied.

Today, a few hours around Alton Baker Park in the middle of Eugene yielded an array of beautiful birdy regulars. Also exciting, the Ross's Goose and what looked like a Greater White-Fronted Goose x Canada.

Now there's bread in the machine and soup on the stove. Happy Birding all!

Species of 2012 - 147

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Bird Wicks said...

Such a wonderful day at the coast (wind and rain aside)! And...that soup looks deliiiiicious!